Paper Submission Procedure

1. The submission of a paper for publication in e-rheo-iba starts with sending the manuscript to a selected member of the editorial board, formatted in accordance with the formatting rules.

After verification by the editoral board the author receives an e-mail message acknowledging the arrival of the contribution.

When revision is required, the author receives a second e-mail message containing the reviewers comments and suggestions. After eventual modifications to the initial manuscript it should be re-sent.

4. Finally, the author receives an e-mail confirming the acceptance of his/her contribution and a copyright transfer form that should be signed and forwarded by mail or fax to:

The Ibero-American Journal of Rheology
Department of Polymer Engineering
University of Minho
Campus de Azurém
4800-058 Guimarães

 Fax: +351 253 510249

All the information should be sent by e-mail to the editorial board.

In case the size of the data exceeds 5 Mb, it should be placed in a any on-line storage system and the respective link should be sent  by e-mail to the editorial board.  

In case of any doubts or difficulties, prospective authors are invited to contact the editorial board at